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Emergency Underwater

Breathing Apparatus

EUBA is a compressed air emergency breathing device designed to be used to enhance survivability in the event of an underwater emergency.


​The objective of this training is to provide the participant with the knowledge, understanding and skill to safely deploy and use the EUBA to assist them to successfully egress and highlight the limitations and potential hazards associated with the use of compressed air emergency breathing systems.


This EUBA training course is provided as an add-on extension to our underwater egress classes. In addition to all egress training, the participants will receive classroom theory on the EUBA followed by practical pool training that simulates the evacuation of an aircraft or heavy equipment that has overturned or is sinking.

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Equipment description and operating principles

  • Pre-and-post flight equipment inspection

  • Emergency deployment of the EUBA

  • Limitations and malfunctions

  • Safety precautions and hazards


Our EUBA training course satisfies the requirements of the Transport Canada CARs 602.66(1)(c) for offshore helicopter flight operations and all successful participants will receive a wallet certification card. EUBA training must be renewed every 36 months to maintain validity.


Please see our list of upcoming classes that include the EUBA training component. 

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