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Why Egress Training Saves Lives

A Transportation Safety Board study relating to escape and survival from a ditched aircraft, states that the rotation of the body underwater and loss of gravitational reference makes disorientation inevitable for survivors prior to their escape from an inverted aircraft.  In addition, the darkness produced by water flooding into the aircraft aggravates the disorientation.  Survivors who were questioned in this study reported having experienced confusion, panic and disorientation in the occurrences.  The study concludes that only those who have experienced disorientation in an underwater trainer understand the problem and know how to deal with it to get out and survive.


Underwater escape training will provide flightcrew and passengers with the knowledge and confidence to deal with a real emergency.  “Underwater egress training is invaluable for any pilot who flies regularly over water, regardless of the type of aircraft flown.  As a matter of fact, passengers or non pilot crews who also fly regularly over water should consider underwater escape training”.  Transport Canada Aviation Safety Letter, Issue 298


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