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Pro Aviation Safety Training offers underwater egress training that provides participants
with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to survive a real-life escape situation.
Our courses use both classroom and simulated in-water training to prepare our students
to escape their equipment in water.

We are approved by Transport Canada to satisfy the Canadian Aviation Regulations CARs 401.05 (2)(a) Recency Requirement for recurrent training.

Our EUBA training course satisfies the requirements of the Transport Canada CARs 602.66(1)(c) for offshore helicopter flight operations.

Oga Nwobosi- The Weather Network says:
It was unlike anything I'd ever done in my line of work.





This course is tailored to those in the aviation industry who regularly fly near or over water. We focus on skills for fixed wing and rotary wing craft with a focus on both pilot
and passenger precautions.

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The EUBA add-on package provides participants with the knowledge, understanding and skill to safety deploy and use the EUBA to increase underwater time in an emergency situation. 

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This course is tailored to those in the mining and heavy equipment industry who regularly work
on or near bodies of water including tailing ponds, lakes, or ditches. We focus on prevention and
preparation for equipment operators as accidents happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

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Favorite moments from our training classes:

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We are committed to providing proactive safety training to reduce the risk of incidents, minimize injuries, enhance survival and promote awareness of operating equipment over or near water.

Since 1998, Pro Aviation Safety Training has been Canada's premier provider of  aircraft ditching, underwater egress, HUET and sea survival training to pilots, flight crews and passengers working in the aviation, marine and offshore industry.

Pro Egress Safety Training offers Canada’s only training for excavators, bulldozers and other equipment operators who work on or around water. Pro Egress is the leading
under water trainer for heavy equipment operators in the mining industry in western

Meet Our Team

Ron Toews

Business Development / Assistant Instructor

Pam Sibley

Scheduling and Operations 


Why Egress Training Saves Lives

A Transportation Safety Board study relating to escape and survival from a ditched aircraft, states that the rotation of the body underwater and loss of gravitational reference makes disorientation inevitable for survivors prior to their escape from an inverted aircraft.  In addition, the darkness produced by water flooding into the aircraft aggravates the disorientation.  Survivors who were questioned in this study reported having experienced confusion, panic and disorientation in the occurrences.  The study concludes that only those who have experienced disorientation in an underwater trainer understand the problem and know how to deal with it to get out and survive.


Underwater escape training will provide flightcrew and passengers with the knowledge and confidence to deal with a real emergency.  “Underwater egress training is invaluable for any pilot who flies regularly over water, regardless of the type of aircraft flown.  As a matter of fact, passengers or non pilot crews who also fly regularly over water should consider underwater escape training”.  Transport Canada Aviation Safety Letter, Issue 298



Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

Tel: (604) 575-8689

Toll Free: (855) 55-ALIVE

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