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Have you ever given thought to what you would do if you found yourself strapped-in, and upside down in a sinking aircraft? Imagine flying along on a nice warm day, the next moment, you are trapped inside an aircraft with cold water rushing in. It’s dark, you can’t breathe, and you start to panic. If you are not prepared chances of survival are dramatically reduced.

Our underwater egress training course is specially designed to train flight crew and passengers to get out alive in the event of their aircraft sinking or rolling upon water entry.

The underwater egress dunker is a simulated aircraft multi-crew cockpit which, when placed in a pool, can simulate an aircraft rolling inverted upon ditching into the water. We are able to conduct multiple scenarios while still maintaining a realistic, safe and controlled environment.

This is a proven system, in both the military and civilian aviation industry, of saving lives by training personnel in egress procedures and instilling confidence for a successful underwater evacuation.


For private pilots, the classroom presentation is approved by Transport Canada to satisfy the Canadian Aviation Regulations CARs 401.05 (2)(a) Recency Requirement for recurrent training.



Our water egress course is designed for pilots and passengers. Whether you are flying commercial, general aviation, or offshore helicopters, we provide comprehensive classroom instruction and "hands-on" practical experience. Our curriculum teaches how to cope with the physical and psychological stress experienced in an underwater egress situation.

Our Aircraft Egress / HUET (Helicopter Underwater Egress Trainer), is specially designed for realistic escape simulation and our operation is portable for on-site training in a city near you. Please contact us for more information on how we may provide you or your company with this valuable training outside of the Fraser Valley.


Classroom Presentation (3 hours)

  • Ditching Scenarios

  • Ditching procedures & techniques

  • Aircraft egress

  • Survival equipment (aircraft & personal)

  • Sea survival techniques & hypothermia

  • Passenger safety

Pool Exercises (2-3 hours)

  • Life preserver demo (inflation, swimming)

  • Life raft drill (righting from inverted position, boarding, equipment & use)

  • Underwater egress training (normal egress, doors on/off, blocked exit, night ditching)

We offer EUBA (Emergency Underwater Breathing Apparatus) training as an optional add-on to the Egress course. See below for information.





When every second counts...

EUBA is a compressed air emergency breathing device designed to be deployed and used by pilots, crew-members and passengers to enhance their survivability in the event of a ditching. When an aircraft has forced to ditch over water there is high mortality rate for situations that should have been survivable.


A study conducted by ASEM* found that the availability of a EUBA devices increased the amount of time available to participants to escape from a crashed aircraft. The availability of compressed air nearly tripled the amount of time participants can remain submerged.  Just by inserting the mouth piece in to your mouth and inhaling you can have 30 seconds to 5 minutes of life-saving air. 

*Aviat Space Environ Med. (2001)






Course Pricing:
Langley BC Egress Course  $450 +gst
Vancouver Island Egress Course $490 +gst
For remote locations, please contact us for a quote.
E.U.B.A addon option +$150.00
Please CONTACT US to enroll in a course.

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